Anthony Ramos
Born and raised in Bergen County. I live in Paramus, NJ. I'm a graduate of Paramus HS. and Penn State University where I majored in Film/Video with a minor focus on Entrepreneurship/Business. 
  After Graduating I worked in New York City as an Assistant Editor, Production Assistant, Office Assistant, Grip... pretty much every entry level film position. It gave me a good amount of valuable experience and allowed me to work on some high level productions such as Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara's online show http://www.stillerandmeara.com.    Somewhere in there I worked for the U.S. Census Bureau as a Crew Leader over multiple areas of Bergen County. I had a staff of over 25 enumerators working under me over the 2010 Census that I had to manage and lead. My crew was amazing, and we complete our tasks ahead of schedule with 0 errors. It was a good amount of work to get done and I'm proud of everyone that I was lucky enough to work with.   In early 2011 I created OpenMindThinking, my video production company. I wanted to be able to be in control of my projects and create films and short videos that really touch the audience, be it laugh, cry, scream, or be confused. Usually if you're confused you're thinking, and for me that would be better than just some generic piece. Oh, and inspire. Around the same time I started working with Patch.com on covering local events and stories around my hometown and became rather fond of it. I love getting involved with the community and meeting all the people. I like to HONESTLY cover something as best as I can and get all the information from those willing to speak with me. So if you see me walking around town with my camera don't be afraid. I can promise you two things, 1. It will be painless, and 2. I will do my best to make you look good on camera. If you want your side of the story or opinion told come speak with me.    Random Facts About Me Bullet Points: I enjoy making movies.  I have a film background.  I don't like greed. If you care about yourself, in terms of instant gratification and transient wants, excessively when confronted with suffering of others then you are a bad person. (Key here is if you do it a lot. Everyone has shallow desires now and again.) I like when people introduce their friends when meeting new people. I don't like making people wait but I like the feeling of people 'ready' for me. Being Polite Matters. Food is not the enemy. I have terrible spelling and grammer. (Good thing we have spellcheck now!) For me, Penn State is a playground for adults.  I now have a full beard. Not that I'm perfect or anything, but my mom says I'm a catch. Professionalism IS NOT how you appear but found in your quality of work, preparation and dedication to the tasks, and overall respect for others.
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