4th of July Kids' Track and Field Winners

A look at the top finishers in the Needham Exchange Club-sponsored three-legged races, dashes and other events held after the parade on Memorial Field.

Needham's 4th of July celebration didn't end with the morning parade. Beginning at noon, the Needham Exchange Club hosted a series of children's races and contests on Memorial Field, including running events, sack races and an egg toss.

Here's quick look at the winners in each of the track and field events:


Girls 5 and Under: 50 Yard Dash

  1. Adrienne Giancola
  2. Eva Geddes
  3. Emily Doyle

Boys 5 and Under: 50 Yard Dash

  1. Seamus O’Holleran
  2. Will Connelly
  3. Jon Tauregui

Girls 6 and 7: 50 Yard Dash

  1. Emily Svingen
  2. Clare O’Holleran
  3. Shieya Venkayala

Boys 6 and 7: 50 Yard Dash

  1. Marco Tacelli
  2. Alex Giancola
  3. Gyoung Mo Yang

Girls 8 and 9: 50 Yard Dash

  1. Kate O’Brien
  2. Madeline Doyle
  3. Sofia Solis

Boys 8-Year-Old: 50 Yard Dash

  1. Brendan O’Holleran
  2. Jay Kelleher
  3. Son Mo Yang

Boys 9-Year-Old: 75 Yard Dash

  1. Roman Tacelli

Girls 10-Year-Old: 75 Yard Dash

  1. Samantha Lonergan
  2. Kate Kelleher

Boys 10-Year-Old: 75 Yard Dash

  1. Conor O’Holleran
  2. Topher King
  3. Jack Connelly

Girls 11-Year-Old: 100 Yard Dash

  1. Riley Casey
  2. Lily Giulette
  3. Niamh Stokes

Girls 12-Year-Old: 100 Yard Dash

  1. Nicole Svingen
  2. Molly Connelly

Girls 12- to 13-Year Old: 100 Yard Dash

  1. Caitlin Dermody
  2. Emily Brooks

Sack Races

Younger Girls

  1. Libby Szewczak
  2. Clare O’Holleran
  3. Shreya Venkayal

Younger Boys

  1. Varun Rajagopal

Older Girls

  1.  Riley Casey
  2. Lily Guillette
  3. Hannah Goldstein

Boys and Girls 10 and Older

  1. Molly Connelly
  2. Niamh Stokes
  3. Jack Connelly

Three-Legged Races


  1. Lily Giulette-Niamh Stokes
  2. Hannah Goldstein-Megan Connelly
  3. Leila  Geddes-Maggie O’Brien


  1. Brendan O’Holleran-Colin O’Holleran

Moms Three-Legged Race

  1. Kelly and Megan Connelly
  2. Brendan and Eileen O’Holleran
  3. Mary and Hannah Goldstein

Dads Three-Legged Race

  1. Riley and Mike Casey
  2. Jack Connelly and Phil Robey
  3. Conor and Jim O’Holleran


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