Letter to the Editor: Needham FastPitch and Baseball Team Up For Softball

A note for Needham Softball families and anyone interested in swinging by the field in the Spring.

Dear Needham softball families and other interested parties,

You may have already heard that Needham Fastpitch has combined forces with Needham Baseball to form Needham Baseball and Softball. We are starting a new recreational softball program here in Needham this spring. There will be a much stronger emphasis on skills development for the girls. Like the soccer model, the girls will have team practices and there will also be group practices run by professional instructors. We are also adding the K12 age group so we can have a comprehensive program for the girls from K through 8.

You can sign your daughter up at www.NeedhamBaseball.com. See the 2013 Open Registrations tab on the left. Please do us a favor and sign up today so we can start to get a handle on our numbers.

Also, pass the word along to your friends and neighbors. We are looking to grow the Needham softball participation back to where it once was. In particular, we are looking for those K12 girls so we can start them early. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Any questions, feel free to give me a call.

Bill Paulson


Below is an edited press release from Needham Baseball



In the cold month of December before the first major snowfall, moms and dads of school age children are pulling out their calendars and checkbooks and beginning the process of registering their kids for the many spring sports available within the community. Softball is one of the main sports in town for girls and in order to ensure its growth and future, Needham’s long-standing Baseball organization will now be overseeing Softball and become Needham Baseball and Softball (www.NeedhamBaseball.com).

The new entity of Needham Baseball and Softball will assure that those who want to play softball will be given the same opportunities for skills development and long-term growth as the baseball players have been receiving for years. This will include indoor spring clinics and professionally run on field clinics. Needham Baseball and Softball will provide a comprehensive program for girls grades K-8 and will offer both a recreation league as well as travel teams for those who are more competitive, assuring team equality for all skill levels and abilities.

"This is the first time we have had one comprehensive softball program for girls K-12,” said Bill Paulson, President of Needham FastPitch and incoming board member of Needham Baseball and Softball. “The increased emphasis on skills development across the age continuum is going to really help the girls progress and that will  game much more fun."

Needham Baseball and Softball is a non-profit league, run by volunteers dedicated to making the sport of softball a better experience for our young athletes. Coaching workshops, practice plans and sample drills will be another new aspect of softball to ‘coach the coaches’, giving confidence to the parent coaches who volunteer at the younger levels assuring practices are high activity and fun.

The softball girls will also join the baseball players in this year’s opening day ceremonies and annual parade as well as the Fourth of July parade.

Registration for Needham softball is now open and available at www.NeedhamBaseball.com. Fees of $150 include full registration, clinics anduniforms. A parent information session will be announced in January to answer allquestions on the merger and how the future of softball will affect the current status ofteams and players.

Sarah December 14, 2012 at 09:46 PM
As a former Rocket softball player I am very excited about this program!


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