Bruins Game Faces Off with Olympic Gold: Puck Dropped by Aly Raisman

Needham Olympic Star drops the first puck onto the ice at TD Garden on Monday night.


Fans of hockey may see dropping the puck to start the Bruins game as the highest of honors. Is it a higher honor than, say, an Olympic gold medal?

You can Needham native Aly Raisman, who appeared on the ice Monday night to carefully kick off the game against the Winnipeg Jets at TD Garden. Photos yesterday in the Boston.com Names Blog show the Olympic gymnast with her gold medals, in a Bruins jersey dropping the puck into the middle of a face-off.

See more on the Boston.com Names Blog, and a video of the puck drop on NESN

Picking up a gold medal in Gymnastics, the 18-year-old Olympic team captain was given a welcome home worthy of an Olympian after the London 2012 Olympics, complete with parade and an Aly Rally. She is using her celebrity for a cause, as well: Letting kids know it's OK to say 'no' to booze. 

Other recent recognition for the local Olympian include the AHRC NYC's Thurman Munson Dinner, being named . Not to mention the MBTA's Aly Raisman Banner on the Needham line. 


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