51 Needham Residents Entering Boston Marathon

A list of Needham residents participating.

On April 18 the Boston Marathon will feature running enthusiasts traveling from Hopkinton into Copley Square for the 115th time. While the race does not pass through Needham, several of this community’s residents will be taking part. But who are they? Find out below where we list all of this year’s Needham participants.


Age M/F

John Barrett

41 M Martin Batt 44 M Evan Berg 39 M Sean Biggs 35 M Erin Bryan 27 F Jean Marie Carabuena 47 F Anthony Cellucci, Jr. 78 M Kelley Connolly 41 F John Crisafulli 52 M Joseph Daniele 52 M Jennifer Davis 44 F Michael Davis 54 M Melanie Doukas 22 F Allen Downey 43 M Barry Evans 50 M Maureen Filippine 42 F Matthew Fortenbaugh 36 M Stephen Frail 38 M Jennifer Friedenberg 27 F Eric Fromm 44 M Cathy Gorodentsev 41 F David Hauser 28 M Donald Hogardt 63 M Meaghan Jones 25 F Scott Kaplan 45 M Michael Keegan 45 M Brendan Kelleher 25 M Adrian King 38 M Sarah Lamb 51 F John Levine 51 M Donald Lockhart 45 M Emily Margolis 31 F Stephen Masi 49 M Patricia O'Connell 36 F Rich Partridge 42 M Michael Platt 49 M Petra Platt 41 F Michael Reardon 52 M Paul Schwerdt 39 M John Shea 46 M Colleen Smith 55 F Graeme Steele 52 M Alicia Taggart 32 F Francis Tracy 53 M Michael Turner 44 M Kim Von Kock 44 F Joseph Washek 57 M Richard Winkler 42 M Thomas Zappala 52 M Jennifer Ziskin 40 F Christy Zuzelo 35 F


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