Needham Artists Win 2012 Scholastic Awards

Congratulations to the Needham High School and Pollard Middle School students who won Gold Keys, Silver Keys and Honorable Mentions.

Eighteen student artists from Needham High School earned Gold Keys for their entries in the 2012 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards. In addition, nine students earned Silver Keys and 21 received Honorable Mentions.

Students from Pollard Middle School also received awards, with three earning Silver Keys and five earning Honorable Mentions.

Nearly 14,000 images were submitted as individual category entries and as part of portfolios created by more than 6,500 individual students.

All individual Gold Key and Silver Key students have been invited to exhibit their work in the Massachusetts Transportation Building, 10 Park Plaza, in Boston. The exhibit will be open Monday, Feb. 13 through Friday, April 20, viewable Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday between noon and 4 p.m.

Gold Key and Silver Key winners also are invited to attend an awards day on March 11 in Boston.

National Gold Key winners will be announced on March 15.

Here is a look at the Needham students who received 2012 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards:


  • Noah Baker, Drawing, "Boots from Vietnam Still Life"
  • Noah Baker, Drawing, "The Headache"
  • Nina Baron, Mixed Media, "Hungry is the Man"
  • Hannah Behar, Sculpture, "Self in Clay"
  • Ali Campbell, Photography, "Orphans of Kenya"
  • Ali Campbell, Photography, "Oprhans of Kenya 2"
  • Alyssa Connors, Photo Portfolio
  • Lora Doerfer, Photo Portfolio
  • Andrew Fuchs, Painting, "Long Jump" 
  • William Haynes, Drawing, "Textured Still Life"
  • Aleksandra Kerbel, Art Portfolio
  • Helena Kleinschmidt, Drawing, "Caroline"
  • Grace Li, Drawing, "Self-Portrait Blind Contour"
  • Karl Munstedt, Mixed Media, "Jenga"
  • Bella Nikom, Mixed Media, "Good Morning Sunshine!"
  • Emily Pasternack, Drawing, "Still Life"
  • Meaghan Shea, Sculpture, "Movement Into Space"
  • Latika Sridhar, Art Portfolio


  • Hannah Corderman, Photography, "Dominican Boy"
  • Paul Franceschi, Mixed Media, "Spatial Skeleton"
  • Helena Kleinschmidt, Sculpture, "Rumpelstiltskin"
  • Emily Mogavero, Sculpture, "Grandpa"
  • Beatrice O'Connell, Drawing, "Self-Portrait"
  • Tamar Segev, Drawing, "Portrait of Female Model"
  • Tamar Segev, Painting, "Scream"
  • Sophie Shimazu, Drawing, "Rotary Dial"
  • Latika Sridhar, Drawing, "The Cynic"


  • Zach Abdalian, Photography, "30 Rock"
  • Sarah Arnold, Drawing, "Primarily Crazy"
  • Hannah Bleakney, Photography, "Mom"
  • Charlotte Caron, Drawing, "Fragments"
  • Victoria Chen, Photography, "Leaf in Puddle"
  • Zilin Cui, Drawing, "Still Life of Violin"
  • Andrew Fuchs, Painting, "Irritation"
  • Ellen Garrett-Engele, Painting, "Iris"
  • Rachel Hantman, Drawing, "Discovering Rope"
  • Aleksandra Kerbel, Painting, "Magnolias"
  • Erica Koljonen, Drawing, "Analog Drawing"
  • Matthew Lerner, Mixed Media, "Girl vs. Nature"
  • Noah Mertz, Photography, "Whiteboard Reflection"
  • Noah Mertz, Photography, "Concentric Rings"
  • Emily Mogavero, Mixed Media, "Wires, Beads, Books"
  • Kathryn Santaniello, Drawing, "Abstracted Charcoal Drawing"
  • Mark Tracy, Ceramics and Glass, "Open Cube"
  • Mark Tracy, Ceramics and Glass, "Open Triangle"
  • Lydia Tsouridis, Mixed Media, "Drinks"
  • Julia Tyler, Drawing, "Contained"
  • Tyler Villa, Fashion, "Alice's Madness"


  • John Gnieski, Drawing, "John"
  • Albert Xu, Drawing, "Self-Portrait"
  • Emily Zhang, Drawing, "Sleeping Girl"


  • James Benner, Drawing, "Cityscape"
  • John Benner, Drawing, "Self Portrait With Boat"
  • Collins Bosah, Drawing, "Self Study"
  • Rebecca Francesconi, Painting, "Breakfast"
  • Sofia Nastri, Drawing, "Girl in Charcoal"


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