Island Grown Schools Turns Food Revolution Day into a Week

And for every new ‘Like’ on IGS’ Facebook page, IGS partners will donate a seedling to a local school garden.

“One thousand seedlings to school gardens. That’s our goal,” said Noli Taylor, coordinator of Martha’s Vineyard’s farm-to-school program, Island Grown Schools. A branch of Island Grown Iniative, the IGS program was established in 2007 by Taylor. IGS has built and supported school gardens in all the Vineyard public schools, started a , and recently launched Island Grown Preschools, which now extends all the benefits of this good food program into the hands, heads and hearts of wee ones.

Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, an international event giving voice to the need for real food education in the midst of public health crises such as type 2 diabetes and the epidemic of childhood obesity, IGS has partnered with local businesses on the Vineyard for a Food Revolution week of news, information and resources, starting May 13 and ending on Food Revolution Day, May 19.

By dedicating their Facebook and Twitter feeds to all things school-food, the fans, friends and their friends, of partnering businesses, will be encouraged to go and ‘Like’ Island Grown Schools’ Facebook page to kickstart it into a distinctive and timely resource.

For every new ‘Like’ on IGS’ fan page, IGS partners will donate a seedling to a local school garden.

“We believe in IGS’ mission,” said Ali Berlow, editor of and a recently tapped Food Revolution Hero by Jamie Oliver. “Noli and her team truly bring people together over the often contentious issues and challenges of bettering school food. IGS does amazing work in the schools, with Island farmers, and most importantly for the students,”

“By garnering the partners’ social media reach we want to raise awareness about the crucial work that IGS is doing and why IGS matters so much to the health and well-being of our children and our collective future.” explained Berlow.

“Everything can be taught in a garden – one plant and one student at time,” Taylor said.

Taylor will be a guest on Mindy Todd’s NPR program, The Point, talking about Food Revolution Day and IGS, on May 9th from 9:30 am – 10:00 am. Listen here


IGS’ Vineyard business partners for Food Revolution Day / Week, May 13–May 19 are:


Facebook: 7a – Martha’s Vineyard

Twitter: @7aFoods


Facebook: Edible Vineyard

Twitter: @AliBerlow


Facebook: Heather Gardens


Facebook: The Right Fork Diner

Twitter: @rightforkdiner


Facebook: State Road Restaurant


Facebook: The Scottish Bakehouse

Twitter: @BakehouseMV

Audra Myerberg May 16, 2012 at 01:39 PM
What an excellent program! I am sharing with my FB and Twitter friends to spread the good word. Well done!!


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