Why do Needham Seniors Deserve a New Senior Center?

The five Needham candidates for State Representative give their views on five hot button issues.

Without getting into what the best location would be, explain why seniors in Needham deserve a new senior center.

Denise Garlick (D)

At present, the current senior center is located in a basement, lacks modern day accessibility places for confidential counseling and exercise and is subject to periodic flooding. This is unacceptable.  For more than a decade, our town has struggled with the issue of a new building for the Senior Center and the seniors and many community members are duly frustrated by this injustice. The seniors of this community deserve an appropriate building that meets their many needs.

Joshua Levy (R)

Needham has always been a vibrant community characterized by an abundance of enthusiastic volunteerism. A new senior center will afford Needham residents the opportunity to continue to both serve the community and be served by the community as they age. The senior center is not just for current seniors; it is for future seniors as well.

Gary McNeill (D)

They have given so much to this community - they are the ones that have made this town such a great place to live and raise a family. In addition to paying taxes, it is only right we give to those who have given so much.

John O'Leary (R)

My family came to Needham in 1970. My dad is 86 now and he's convinced he'll never see a decent senior center in this town. That's a shame. The Stephen Palmer Center is wholly inadequate, both in terms of size and its ability to adequately serve the program needs of seniors. As longevity increases, providing reasonable resources for our older citizens makes sense and it's only fair. Having a suitable Senior Center should be part of what makes Needham a great place to live.

Jerry Wasserman (D)

The purpose of government is to provide necessary services to its citizens. Senior centers are the home of senior services. Perhaps the fastest growing segment of many communities is the senior population living in their own homes. A senior center provides services, a social environment and even a learning environment. For some, the senior center is the only meaningful contact they have outside of their homes. By today's standards, our current senior center is woefully inadequate. Needham seniors have been contributing to our community for many years, and providing them with a senior center is our obligation.


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