The 2013 Needham Census, Dog Licenses Are Coming

Information about town residents from the census and dog registration help school preparations and emergency services.


Early next year, residents can expect something mail from the town: census forms and dog registration forms. 

The town registrars are required by Mass. General Law to update a list of every one older than three, and a list of all dogs in the town. This is used to update the voting list, among other things, according to a press release from the town. 

Completing these forms when they come out help the town in a number of ways, from the release: emergency services use this information in their duties; the School Committee and Future School Needs Committee use the statistics to project future needs and operate in the present; there are also a handful of benefits also rely on the town's completion of the census. 

Dog registration forms will also be available on Jan. 2 from the Town Clerk's Office, according to another press release. 

Neither of these forms will register you for voting. They will merely list your home in the record of voters.

The forms will likely not register your dog for voting either.

Below is the full press release on Dog Licenses from the Town Clerk: 


2013 dog licenses will be on sale in the Town Clerk’s Office beginning Tuesday, January 2nd. Licenses are available as follows:

  • $15 - Male/Female dogs 
  • $10 - Neutered/Spayed dogs 
  • $25 - 1 – 4 dogs Kennel licenses
  • $50 - 5 – 10 dogs Kennel Licenses
  • $100 - 10+ dogs Kennel Licenses

All dogs that are six months of age or older must be licensed annually under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 and Article 4 of the Town of Needham’s General By-Laws. An updated proof of rabies vaccination is required prior to licensing as well as proof of spaying and neutering.

If you wish to license your dog by mail, please send proof of rabies vaccination and neutering information along with payment and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Town Clerk’s Office, 1471 Highland Avenue, P. O. Box 920663, Needham, MA 02492.

Below is the full press release on the Census from the Town Clerk's Office:

The Census is coming... The Census is coming…


The Town Clerk’s Office will be sending out the 2013 Annual Census by mail during the first part of the New Year. This census package also includes a dog license application for those dog owners who sometimes forget to license their pooch! All dogs must be licensed by April 30th each year.

The Board of Registrars is required by State Statute to verify and update the name, address, age and occupation of all residents 3 years of age and up in preparation for the Annual Street List. The Board is also required UNDER State Statute to prepare a listing of dogs owned by each resident. Compliance with this State requirement provides proof of residence to protect voting rights, veterans’ bonus, housing for the elderly and related benefits as well as providing information for the selection of jurors. The census forms DOES NOT register you as a voter. If you are a registered voter, failure to answer this annual censusmay result in the voter’s name being removed from the voting list.

While the Street List is primarily used to update the voting list, statistics on children are taken for the School Committee, providing it with data on current enrollment as well as present and future school population. (NOTE: The Future School Needs Committee uses the annual census information to help project future enrollment and space needs. The Committee requests that parents review the form carefully to ensure each child is reported and all dates of birth are accurate. Thank you) The Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Technicians also use the Street list as an aid in the daily performance oftheir duties as well as other municipal departments. And don’t forget the U.S. Veteran category. Please respond with Yes or No in the column indicated.

A full and accurate count of all residents is very important for many reasons including the basis for allocation of Stateand Federal Funds. As you can see, it is essential that the forms be returned as soon as possible in order to update the censusdata and compile the annual census reports. Even a few late returns hold up the completion of the new street list, as well as theup-to-date voting list. Follow-up is costly and may include a second mailing, telephone and/or police visitation. Please help us to avoid these additional census costs!

If any resident has any questions pertaining to the census form or would like a mail-in voter registration application, please call the Town Clerk’s Office for assistance at (781) 455-7500 x 216, 217, 218, 219, or 252. Forms may be returned by mail or hand-delivered to the Town Clerk’s Office at 1471 Highland Avenue.


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