Students Make Statement; Town Preps for No Emailing and Texting

Needham students recently participated in the Youth Services event and are getting ready for additional “Unplugged” days.

Asking someone to cease sending a text or email for an entire day is not an easy proposition in 2011, but that is exactly what Needham Youth Services does on a regular basis…and they have succeeded on multiple occasions.

On Tuesday, March 29, Youth Services will sponsor “Text-Free Tuesday,” an event that asks residents to refrain from sending text messages with their phones for an entire day. Instead, Youth Services encourages correspondence by telephone or in-person meetings.

The day is part of Needham Unplugged, which also featured “Email-Free Friday.”

Before "Text-Free Thursday" gets underway, heavy email users are asked to step away from the computer and cease mailing items electronically on Mar. 25. On this day, residents and business are urged to contact people by telephone or face-to-face meetings.

If you are thinking of participating in “Email-Free Friday,” Youth Services has prepared the following text that can be used as an out-of-the-office message:

I will not be looking at or replying to emails today as part of Needham Unplugged --- learn more about this program at www.needhamma.gov/youth/unplugged.

Instead of emailing me, please don’t hesitate to call me at 781- _ _ _-_ _ _ _ as I welcome hearing from you by phone (or better yet in person).

Needham Unplugged comes after the success of Youth Services’ Make a Statement Day, which took place on Mar. 11. On this day, nearly 1,000 students and staff took part in wearing homemade t-shirts that contained statements, quotes or statistics related to an issues that means something to them.


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