Public Hearing on Alcohol Sales Tonight

Residents are invited to share their opinions on whether Needham should allow stores to sell alcohol for off-premises consumption.

The Needham Board of Selectmen will hold a public hearing on a proposal to allow the retail sale of alcohol in Needham tonight, Tuesday, April 24 at 7:30 p.m. at Powers Hall on the second floor of Needham .

would authorize the town to issue up to six licenses for alcoholic beverages or just beer and wine. In 2018, the maximum that may be issued will increase by two additional licenses. The town would never be able to issue more than six full licenses for sale of all alcoholic beverages.

The hearing will also include discussion of licensing regulations related to the retail sale of alcohol in Needham that may be issued by the Board of Selectmen as the licensing authority.

The home rule petition will appear as an article on the May 7 Annual Town Meeting warrant and, if approved by Town Meeting, will be forwarded to the state legislature for approval. The town then would hold a referendum vote at an upcoming election to formally adopt the measure.

The Board of Selectmen invites all residents and interested parties to provide input at the April 24 meeting. Public comments may also be directed to the Board of Selectmen, c/o Needham Town Hall, 1471 Highland Ave., Needham, MA or selectmen@needhamma.gov.


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