Primary Results: Romney Wins Needham

Former Massachusetts governor easily took the local Republican nomination in a Super Tuesday marked by low voter turnout

Needham Republicans followed the rest of the commonwealth on March 6 in picking former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney to be the party's candidate in the 2012 presidential election.

Romney easily won the nomination in Needham, taking 1,837 of the 2,300 Republican votes cast—about 80 percent of the Republican vote.

Overall, voter turnout in Needham was low, with 3,150 voters, or about 15.3 percent of those registered, showing up to the polls. Along with the 2,300 Republicans who cast their ballots on Super Tuesday, 845 Needham Democrats and five residents registered to the Green-Rainbow Party voted.

Needham Patch will have the full precinct-by-precinct results on the site as they are available.


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