Photo Gallery: A Tour of the New Town Hall

Take a look inside the recently renovated building and get acquainted with the location of various town offices.

After about a year of having town offices at the , Needham residents are getting reacquainted with the newly renovated , at 1471 Highland Ave., which officially reopened on Oct. 12.

Whether you're new to town and have never been inside the building or remember it the way it was, it may take some time to get used to where everything is—especially with five separate entrances to choose from and a new wing of the building, located in part of what used to be the old parking lot.

To help ease the transition, Needham Patch took a tour of the building this week and snapped some photos along the way to provide a visual guide to where things are these days. Click through the images to get a look at what's changed and where you'll need to go to pay your taxes, get a marriage certificate or attend the Nov. 7 special Town Meeting.

And don't miss the Town Hall's , which will include a guided tour of the renovated building.

Not a visual learner? Here's a quick summary of what's on each floor of the Town Hall:


If you enter the doors on the street level and head downstairs, you’ll find the Needham Youth Services office, as well as a few meeting rooms and the offices of Assistant Town Manager/Director of Finance David Davison and the IT staff.


Much of the day-to-day town business is conducted on the first floor. If you enter through the side door on Chapel Street (the one closest to the Town Common), you will immediately find the town clerk’s office on your right and the town manager’s office on your left.

Continue down the hallway and you will find the selectmen’s meeting room on your left followed by a corridor that leads to offices in the building's new wing. The retirement office is located in this corridor.

In the new wing, accessible through the corridor or through additional entrances on both the Chapel Street and Highland Avenue sides, you will find the treasurer/collector’s office and the assessors’ office as well as a set of bathrooms. The elevator can be found on the Highland Avenue side of the building.

Also on the first floor, at the opposite end from the town manager’s and town clerk’s offices is the human resources office.

The building’s main entrance from the is also on this floor.


Head upstairs to find the Public Health Department (that’s where you go for your flu shots) as well as Assistant Town Manager Christopher Coleman’s office. The second floor is also where the beautifully redone James Hugh Powers Hall is located. Head up another flight of stairs to come out onto the balcony of the great hall.


While many town offices made the move back to Town Hall, the Planning and Economic Development and the Park and Recreation departments will remain at the , 500 Dedham Ave.

Also, take note: Most town office telephone numbers are expected to stay the same, although there are still a few issues with some of the connections. The main number for Town Hall is 781-455-7500.

What do you think about the renovations at Needham Town Hall? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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