(UPDATED April 12, 12:35 a.m.) Pass or Fail: Recapping Action on Articles at Wayland Town Meeting

A reference featuring action taken on each article of Wayland's 2011 Town Meeting Warrant. Amendments that passed related to each article are also included.

Patch is keeping track of the actions taken on the articles of Wayland’s 2011 Town Meeting Warrant. You’ll find a brief recap of the vote as well as amendments passed for each article below. The original 2011 Town Meeting Warrant is available as a PDF.

A more complete recap of Day 1 is available in “.” A more complete recap of Day 2 activities and Day 3's recap .


Article 1: Recognize Citizens and Employees for Particular Service to the Town – Passed (Day 1)

Article 2: Hear Reports – Passed (Day 1)

Article 3: Choose Town Officers – Passed (Day 1)

Article 4: Pay Previous Year Unpaid Bills – Passed over by vote (Day 1) on the advice that the town has no unpaid bills to pay.

Article 5: Current Year Transfers – Passed (Day 1) with the following changes as presented by Finance Committee Chair Cherry Karlson prior to the vote:

  • Snow removal amount increased to $219,000 from $135,000 to compensate for two additional snow events after the Warrant went to print.
  • Snow removal change brought the total current year transfers to $309,000.

Article 6: FY 2012 Omnibus Budget (Two parts)

  • Operating Budget: Passed (Day 1) after amending both the Transfer Station revolving fund and Recreation Commission revolving fund expenditures to $561,280, down from $750,000 and $850,000, respectively. (See for more detail).
  • Operating Budget: Reopened and subsequently passed (Day 2) with additional changes related to the revolving funds. Added Line Item 55A, Recreation Total Expenses, in the amount of $355,000 (Warrant page 34), bringing total omnibus budget to $71,261,997 (all $355,000 is to be paid through fees).
  • Capital Budget: Passed (Day 2) with the following changes:
           - Prior to a vote, Karlson changed the language and amount of Line Item 14, Field Development and Analysis budgeted at $530,000, to Field Analysis budgeted at $75,000.
           - Also related to Line Item 14, voters passed an amendment to expand the scope of the field analysis to include an examination of the feasibility and cost of adding leaching fields under the proposed middle school fields in order to help move septic leachate, a nutrient source for algae and invasive weeds, away from Dudley Pond.
           - Voters passed an amendment deleting in entirety Line Item 4, (under Facilities category), Building Repairs budgeted at $290,000.
           - Voters passed an amendment calling for Line Item 17 (Under DPW-Water category), System Upgrades-Route 27/30 Intersection budgeted at $510,000, to be paid from free cash rather than through borrowed funds.

Article 7: Appropriation of MtBE Litigation Settlement Monies for Water Main Improvement in Cochituate – Passed over by vote (Day 2) as this article was, in essence, implemented as an amendment to Line Item 17 in Article 6.

*Electronic voting technology was available for use with Articles 1-7 (those above). Articles 8-25 (those below) were addressed on Day 3 using traditional voice and standing vote methods.

More complete coverage of Day 3 of town meeting will be posted Tuesday.

Article 8: Restatement of FY2011 School Department Budget – Passed by voice vote.

Article 9: Compensation for Town Clerk – Passed by voice vote.

Article 10: Personnel Bylaws and Wage and Classification Plan – Passed by voice vote.

Article 11: Sell or Trade Vehicles and Equipment – Passed by unanimous voice vote.

Article 12: Accept Gifts of Land – Passed by unanimous voice vote.

Article 13: Accept Law Increasing Real Estate Tax Exemption Amounts (see Errata sheet related to this article) – Passed by voice vote.

Article 14: Set Aside Community Preservation Funds for Later Spending – Passed by voice vote.

Article 15: Preservation and Digitizing of Historic Records – Passed by unanimous voice vote.

Article 16: Adopt Bylaw Allowing User Fee Bills to Be Sent with Property Tax Bills – Passed by unanimous voice vote.

Article 17: Acquire Town of Sudbury's Interest in Septage Facility – Passed over by unanimous voice vote after voters were advised the Board of Selectmen wanted to table this article to allow time to develop a more detailed plan.

Article 18: Amend Special Act Establishing Department Of Public Works By Transferring Duties of Wastewater Management District Commission to Board of Public Works – Failed by standing teller count vote with the following changes to the Warrant information as presented by Wastewater Management Commission Chair Fred Knight prior to the vote:

  • Make no changes to Section 9 except to renumber the section (page 71 of the 2011 Warrant)
  • Alter Section 4(b)(8)(h)(iv) to read "notwithstanding the provisions of section three of chapter eighty-three of the General Laws, be required to connect any home, facility or lot to the wastewater management system, unless required to do so by said board of health;"

Article 19: Amend Zoning BylawZoning Bylaw Recodification – Passed by unanimous voice vote with the following changes to the Warrant information as presented by Planning Board Chair Kevin Murphy:

  • Delete the addition of "building, structure, or" in 705.2 (page 93 of the 2011 Warrant).

Article 20: Amend Zoning Bylaw Updated Federal Floodplain Overlay District Map – Passed by unanimous voice vote.

Article 21: Amend Zoning Bylaw Site Plan Approval Requirement for Day Care, Education, Nursery School and Religious Uses – Passed by voice vote with the following changes to the Warrant information as presented by Murphy:

  • The parenthetical reference on page 128 of the Warrant should read, "No changes to uses 1 through 23 or 46-51 are proposed."

Article 22: Sell Town-Owned Land at 24 and 26 Lakeshore Drive – Failed to earn two-thirds approval in standing vote.

Article 23: Authorize Local Voting Rights for Permanent Resident Aliens Residing in Wayland – Passed by standing vote.

Article 24: Amend Youth Advisory Committee Membership and Length and Effective Dates of Terms – Passed by unanimous vote.

Article 25: Water Rate Structure – Passed over by unanimous voice vote as the proposed action was adopted prior to town meeting.

Kim Sklar Reichelt April 11, 2011 at 10:51 AM
In Article 6, voters also voted to amend the $75,000 field analysis to add scope (but without additional budget) to study adding leaching fields under the Middle School playing field.
Michael Lowery April 11, 2011 at 11:08 AM
Thanks Kim. Yes, the amendment seeks to establish the feasibility and costs of adding community leaching fields to move septic leachate away from Dudley Pond - to reduce nutrient flows which encourage growth of invasive milfoil and algal blooms. Water, nitrogen, and phosphorus might encourage field growth and lower watering costs at the field.
Brooklyn Lowery April 11, 2011 at 12:25 PM
Kim and Mike, you are absolutely correct. I apologize for overlooking that. It's included in the updated article.


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