New Needham RTS Rates Set

Board of Selectmen approved an increase in RTS rates at last night's meeting, set to go into effect later in the year.


One man's trash is another's job--and that job is getting a little more expensive. 

The Board of Selectmen discussed an increase in the price of the Recycling and Transfer Stations services, and ultimately approved an amended version of that increase. 

Selectman Matthew Borrelli said that as he considered the new rate structure, "I became a lot more uncomfortable about the primary sticker, risking too many sales if we went up too drastically."

He proposed the following rate structure in an amendment to the motion before the Board last night, noting these prices were lower than previously considered. 

New Rates Previous Rates Single Sticker $95 $90 Additional Sticker $25 $10 Half-Year Sticker $57 $45 Senior Stickers $75 $50 Large Bag $1.90/ea $1.65/ea Small Bags $1.05/ea $0.90

The new sticker rates go into effect April 1, the new bag rates on July 1. 

According to Selectman John Bulian's estimates, a sticker and about 100 bags will cost a family of four about $300 per year--an increase of $25 in bags and $5 in sticker costs from the same number under the current price structure. He estimates $50 per month for a private hauler, or $600 per year.

"This is one of the reasons we are one of the highest--if not the highest--communities in terms of recycling in the state." Bulian added, "you don’t take more responsibility than when you package it yourself."

The largest jump seems to be with the Senior sticker, which is increasing by about 50 percent. There is a reason for this shift, officials explained.

We are moving away form having special senior discount, which we’ve had for many years." Selectman Dan Matthews explained, "We want to stress that, for people of any age with economic hardship, there is relief available in the form of reduced charges or a free sticker."

He added that there are a number of other town services with a similar policy, and a simple form to fill out for requesting this type of abatement.

Bulian also noted that bag strength is an issue the Town is looking at, however residents should not expect them to hold more than 25 pounds of refuse. 

Thomas J Weadock Jr February 27, 2013 at 12:00 PM
Stick it to the seniors with more costly stickers! Now that is forward looking and raises the sticky issue on how the Town will treat its seniors in the future!
Jay Mello February 27, 2013 at 04:23 PM
Why not put out to bid for curb side pick up like other towns and eliminate entire operation and associated taxed overhead of RTC operations, people, equipment, nuusance
Thomas J Weadock Jr February 27, 2013 at 10:00 PM
Jay...Haven't you heard? Your suggestion would make Needham unsightly!!! LOL


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