New England Business Park Name Picked

Selectmen vote in favor of a name for the neighborhood which will soon house TripAdvisor.


There was an early leader in the quest for a new neighborhood name, and it seems to have stuck.

Needham Crossing is the name the Board of Selectmen announced and voted on at last night's meeting. The Board unanimously accepted the Council of Economic Advisors' recommendation to name the area between Route 128 and the border of Newton. 

"Needham Crossing is a good fit geographically." Selectman Chair Daniel Matthews explained that the name "establishes that it is part of the town, but you can’t get there without crossing one of the principal geographic features of the area: Route 128 or the Charles River."

After kicking around a few suggestions of their own, the Council of Economic Advisors threw the question open to residents. Citizens came up with list of suggestions for the park name, which then went before the Council of Economic Advisors. 

The committee spent a lot of time trying to come up with the best and most consensus-driving name. We spent a lot of time looking at names from citizens interested in this issue," Selectman Maurice Handel noted.

In hopes of getting  the council of economic advisors has made some zoning changes in the area. They also plan to re-name it. This business park will be the home of TripAdvisor, which the Board of Selectmen and Town Meeting both voted to welcome with a tax increment financing plan. 


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