Needham Says No to Marijuana Overlay District

A movement for a marijuana overlay district failed by a small margin at Town Meeting.

Medical marijuana. Credit: Patch file photo
Medical marijuana. Credit: Patch file photo
An effort to amend the zoning bylaw interim regulations for medical marijuana uses has failed, with less than 2/3 voting in favor at Town Meeting on Wednesday, May 7. 

The following is a recap of Wednesday's Town Meeting: 

Article 17 - Authorization to expend state funds for public ways, passed

Article 18 -
Amend Zoning By-Law - Medical Marijuana Overlay and article 19 - Amend Zoning By-Law - Map Change to Medical Marjuana Over Lay District were discussed together.  1 1/2 hour discussion. High School Student from RADD stood up in favor. Needham Business Association Stood up in favor, Several residents spoke out against. Hand vote 106 YES to 98 NO.  It needed a 2/3 majority to pass so it FAILED

Article 19 - Failed

Article 20 - Amend Zoning by-law Interim Regulations for Medical Marijuana Uses. This was to extend the moratorium to December 30, 14.  This PASSED.  132 votes were necessary to pass and there 133 affirmative votes. 

Article 21 - Amend zoning By-law - Site Plan Review - PASSED

Article 22 - Amend Zoning By Law - Off STreet Parking Requirements - PASSED with an amendment.

Article 23 - Amend Zoning by-law - indoor athletic or exercise Facilities in an industrial and Industrial 1 District - Passed unanimously

Article 24 - Amend General By law - Bows and Arrows.  PASSED with an amendment

Article 25 - Amend General by -law - Private ways.  PASSED unanimously

Article 26 - Amend General by - law - Sign by-law

Article 27 - Amend General by-law municipal water supply.  Lots of discussion - this it to require homeowners who install new irrigation systems to install an approved moisture sensor.  This went to a hand count and FAILED 87 to 93.

Article 28 - WITHDRAWN

Article 29 - Accept the provisions of MGL Chapter 59 Section 5N - Veteran's Property Tax Program - passed unanimously during consent agenda.

Article 30 - Amend District Agreement - Minuteman Regional Vocational District.  PASSED

A special town meeting will be held on Monday, May 12, to vote on amending the 2014 operating budget, amend the zoning law, and amend the community preservation fund preserves. The meeting takes place at 7:30 p.m. in the Needham Town Hall. 


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