Need Help Talking To Your Teen?

Needham Youth Services is offering a series of discussions for local parents.

Needham Youth Services is offering a series of free, one-night programs for parents that focus on the various challenges of parenting a teen.

Called "A Conversation ... For Parents of Teens," the program is limited to nine parents per evening. The group will share stories and receive feedback in a comfortable, confidential setting. Dinner will be served during the meeting.

Topics for the fall/early winter session include:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 23—Make Peace (And Not War) With Your Teen"
  • Tuesday, Dec. 4—What a Parent Needs to Know About Teen Risk-Taking Behaviors" (e.g. drugs and alcohol)
  • Tuesday, Jan. 29—Teen Stress, Depression and Suicide

Parents can sign up for all three nights but should specify the order of preference because Youth Services cannot guarantee parents will get a spot for all their selections. Parents are encouraged to register early.

Registration information can be found online at www.needhamma.gov/youth/2012fallprograms (see page 5). Learn more about "A Conversation ... For Parents of Teens" at www.needhamma.gov/youth/aconversation.

All sessions will be facilitated by Youth Services Director Jon Mattleman.


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