Letter to the Editor: The Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund

Members of the Taxation Aid Committee write in to thank past contributors and explain how to contribute to Needham's Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund.

The following is a letter to the editor from the Taxation Aid/Property Tax Assistance Committee:

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the elderly and disabled, we'd like to extend our thanks to those who have donated to Needham's Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund. This fund provides qualified low-income Needham seniors with assistance paying their property tax bills. With your donations, we've granted $135,850 in 318 separate grants over the past 8 years to 178 households. Thank you!

December is a wonderful time to make a contribution, whether you've donated to this fund in the past, or you're now considering making your first contribution. This is a fantastic opportunity to assist your neighbors, right here in Needham. Assisting Needham's elderly and disabled, you're truly making a difference. A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. Your contribution is tax-deductible, and may be made payable to:

Town of Needham Tax Assistance Program,
Treasurer's Office, Town Hall,
1471 Highland Avenue,
Needham, MA  02492.

For your convenience, preprinted envelopes are provided within quarterly property tax bills and water/sewer bills. Questions? Please contact Evelyn Poness at 781-455-7500 x208. Thanks in advance for your consideration, and happy holidays to all!

Taxation Aid/Property Tax Assistance Committee
Elizabeth Handler
Pat Harris
Peter Hess
Jill Kahn
Tom Mulhern
Helen Newton
Evelyn Poness


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