Letter to the Editor: NSTAR, Officials Agree on DeFazio Park Tree Removal

After negotiating with NSTAR about several trees in the area, five have been marked for removal.

Below is a letter to the editor from officials involved in last July's summit with NSTAR about utility right-of-way and trees at Defazio Park:

We are pleased to share that the proof of the coordinated, positive, proactive work of the Town of Needham, concerned residents, and the State Representative with NSTAR on the concerns related to vegetation management along the transmission lines has resulted in good communication and a targeted approach to address five (5) trees which threaten the integrity of the transmission lines at Defazio Park.

This week, representatives from NSTAR requested a meeting with the Parks and Forestry Superintendent, Ed Olsen and his staff to discuss two areas of concern along NSTAR’s transmission lines at DeFazio Park. In addition Representatives from Park and Recreation were invited and present at the meeting, as they are responsible for the park.

NSTAR has determined that these five trees, because of their height, have the potential to hit the lines when they sag. Needham Superintendent Ed Olsen reports that he is in agreement that these trees should be removed. These trees have been marked with blue spray paint.

NSTAR will arrange to remove the trees while the ground is frozen so the necessaryequipment will not damage the land. The Needham DPW staff will provide assistance and observe the work to ensure that there is adequate protection for the fields and the track when the heavy equipment proceeds to the area where the trees are to be removed.

The proposed work is only on the DeFazio side of the railroad tracks.
The Town has received no recent communication from NSTAR about other plans forvegetation management along the transmission line.

NSTAR’s advance notice, working closely with our Parks and Forestry Division to ensure appropriate communication and thoughtful approach is a testimony to all parties which have participated in this process to ensure good communication for a targeted approach to vegetation management that protects the integrity of the transmission lines and is respectful of the unique needs of our community.


Kate Fitzpatrick
Needham Town Manager

Denise C. Garlick
State Representative

Mark McDonough
Fairfield Street Abutter


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