Greene's Field Going for 100 Planks, Donation from Kyle Shapiro Foundation

An update from the Greene's Field Playground Fundraising Committee thanks the Kyle Shapiro Foundation for a donation and aims for 100 boards in 100 ways.


The Greene's Field Fundraising Committee sent the following letter to the editor:

Thank You to Kyle W. Shapiro Foundation!

The Greene’s Field Playground Fundraising Committee would like to say a heartfelt “thank you” to the Kyle W. Shapiro Foundation and its trustees, Ruth Bonsignore and Andy Shapiro. The foundation’s generous donation of $50,000 toward the construction of a new playground at Greene’s Field will ensure that generations of children have a place in the center of Needham to climb, play, slide, and swing.

Because of donations like the one from the Kyle W. Shapiro Foundation, the new Greene’s Field playground is sure to become a destination for families, a meeting place for neighbors and friends, and a place where childhood memories are made. When the new Greene’s Field playground opens this summer, it will have two structures – a smaller one for younger children and a more challenging one for older children. And since the town is planning to renovate Greene’s Field at the same time, the playground will be part of a revitalized park.The kindness and generosity of our community is part of what makes Needham such an outstanding place to live and to raise a family. Thank you to the Kyle W. Shapiro Foundation for making Greene’s Field a wonderful place to play for decades to come. 

Alison Borrelli, Tom Langford and the entire Greene's Field Playground Fundraising Committee


In November's Special Town Meeting, article 12 was approved unanimously to appropriate $445,000 toward rehabilitating the field and installing playground equipment. 

To aid fundraising efforts for playground equipment, the GFFC is selling planks,, which will be engraved with donor's names and messages, then installed in the boardwalk. A recent press release from the GFFC describes this program as "like the 'buy-a-brick program'." The GFFC has also set a fundraising goal of selling 100 boards within 100 days. 

“As we come to the end of the 100th anniversary year of Greene’s Field, we have set a goal of selling 100 boards in 100 days to support the playground,” said  Alison Borrelli, GFFC Chair, in the release.

Boards from businesses will cost $500, a discounted $400 for non-profit organizations, and $200 for families or individuals. For more information, visit www.greenesfield.org.


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