DA's Office Offers Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Addiction Posters

Norfolk County DA's office offers them online, free for the printing and posting.


The following is the edited version of a press release from the District Attorney's office:

The group of public service posters produced by Norfolk DA Michael W. Morrissey has been updated for 2013 and can be printed from the media section of the DA’s web site, www.norfolkda.com.

“A good number of these have already been put up in restaurants, libraries, medical and dental offices, pharmacies – sometimes in the privacy of restrooms, sometimes on the bulletin boards by the main entrance,” Morrissey said. “Those who work in those spaces have a good idea of what belongs where.”

“It is not unusual to come across this kind of information posted in public buildings and other common spaces,” said the DA. “Unfortunately, it is also not unusual to find some of the information out-of-date or incomplete.”

By having his office vet the information on these posters, then verify all the numbers twice a year to be sure they are up to date, it diminishes the chances that someone gets a dead line or a wrong number when they can finally reach out for help.

“A member of my staff did the photography on his own time and the graphic designer who does our trial exhibits made quick work of producing them. When we have copies printed, we use drug forfeiture funds to do it, so the cost is negligible – but we hope the value will be great,” Morrissey said.

There are three versions of the domestic violence poster, tailored to the south shore, western Norfolk County and the Northern end of the county. The substance poster is a partnership between the DA's office and the Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery.

“Posting any, or all, of these is also a visible sign to patrons that your organization stands with victims of violence and in support of those struggling with addiction,” he said.


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