All Plastics Okay to Recycle, New Guidelines on New RTS Page

A new webpage from the town's Recycling and Transfer station clears up what is and is not okay to recycle.


There's no need to check the recycling number on your milk bottle before tossing them in the recycle bin--and leave the lid on it.

Residents e-mailed Patch about the updated "What we take" page on the Recycling and Transfer station site expands on what the town takes, and includes directions for disposal.

The section about plastics, for example, reads "ALL plastic bottles and jars (milk, water, juice, salad dressing, laundry detergent, shampoo, dish soap, etc.). You no longer need to look for a number on the bottom. Leave caps ON."

There are still a few items the town can't take, like lead batteries, cathode ray tubes and treated wood--items which are prohibited from disposal in Mass. Although the RTS can still handle some of them for a fee, details on the page

Philip Hardebeck January 16, 2013 at 05:47 PM
Hurray! Now we'll be able to recycle the other half of plastic we use.


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