Sheriff Bellotti Launces Video for Safety Program

Norfolk County Sheriff Michael G. Bellotti announced a newly published informational video on his Yellow Dot program. 

The short video features testimonials from a Norfolk County fire chief and a senior citizen Yellow Dot enrollee. Their testimonials highlight the numerous benefits of Bellotti’s free-of-charge safety program aimed at protecting individuals who may be prone to medical emergencies and/or have been involved in an automobile accident.

The Yellow Dot program is available to all Norfolk County residents and is simple to sign up for. Upon registration, participants will be required to fill out a medical information card and have their photograph taken by a Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office employee for identification purposes.

Participants are given a yellow decal to affix to their rear windshield, which immediately notifies public safety first responders of the pertinent medical information contained in the vehicle’s glove compartment.

“Not only does Yellow Dot ensure the protection for operators and passengers of a motor vehicle, but it allows public safety officials to do their job quickly and effectively,” Bellotti said. “There are truly no downsides to registering with this life-saving program.”

To watch the Yellow Dot informational video, internet users may also visit the official Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office YouTube channel.

Anyone wishing to sign up for Yellow Dot or learn more about the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office programs may call (781)751-3516.


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