Police Log

A case of vandalism, theft, a suspicious person and an underage driver round out this week's report.

Bodyscapes Vandalized

June 1- 1 p.m.- Police were dispatched to Bodyscapes for a report of vandalism. Officers inspected the front window "completely shattered." A hole was also found in the top of the glass. Photographs were taken at the scene.

Teen Driver without a License

June 2- 3:35 p.m.- Officer Kathleen Mullins spotted a teen driving a car with three other teens as passengers at the corner of Nehoiden St. and Blacksmith Dr. Officer Mullins knew the driver and that he either had a permit or junior operator's license, making it illegal for him to have her youths in the vehicle. She approached the car and asked the driver, a 16-year-old Needham resident, for his license. He produced a learner's permit. When asked if he had a valid license, he said that he did not. Officer Mullins asked him why he was driving and he said that his father asked him to pick up his sister at the library. She then asked him if his father knew he didn't have a license and he replied that he did know.

A call was made to the father and a message left detailing that a citation would be mailed. The vehicle was secured on the side of the road and the three female companions left on foot.

Suspicious Person in Home

June 3- 2:15 p.m.- Officers were dispatched to a Needham home where the homeowner informed them that she was upstairs when she heard a voice in her home. She stated that no one was supposed to be in the house, but a male voice was heard saying, "Hello." She said that she went downstairs and saw a black van in her driveway. She was not expecting anyone to be at the house and no work was scheduled.

It appeared to police that entry had been gained by the sliding door in the back of the house. Nothing was taken from the house. A neighbor offered a description of the man as having curly blonde/red hair with no facial hair or glasses.

Car Break-In at Golf Club

June 4- 2:15 p.m.- Police spoke to a party at the Needham Golf Club who stated that he found damage to his motor vehicle and items missing. Police observed that the passenger's side window had been smashed with an unknown object. The reporting party stated that a knapsack containing a laptop computer, a GPS unit and digital camera was taken.


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