Boston Police Arrest Alleged Heroin Dealer and His Driver in Roslindale

The following article is based on a Boston Police report and where charges are mentioned it does not indicate a conviction.


Boston Police charged a Needham man with driving the dealer around who got drugs as payment, and arrested a Waltham man for allegedly selling heroin in Roslindale.

On Jan. 4 around 8:18 p.m., John Kelley, of 430 Grove St., Needham, was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute a Class A drug, heroin; and Barkev Momjian, of 220 Main St., Waltham, was arrested and charged with distribution of a Class A drug, heroin, and possession with intent to distribute a Class A drug, heroin.

Members of the Boston Police District E-5/E-18 Drug Control Unit were conducting surveillance in the Rosecliff and Washington streets area of Roslindale when they allegedly witness the suspects conduct a hand-to-hand drug transaction.

Kelley was parked in a Honda Civic while Momjian walked off after handing something to Kelley, according to a Boston Police report. Police spoke with Kelley who denied having just met with anyone and said he was waiting for a friend named Kevin, but he didn't know Kevin's last name. Police observed a white powdery substance on Kelley's black jacket and various used empty clear plastic bags, and a box of sandwich bags. Kelley was asked to step out of the vehicle, which he did. Police allegedly saw a white powedery residue on the console area, a sifter, and various cut straws in the vehicle. 

Officers also found a plastic bag on the passenger sidedoor handle with eight individual plastic bags of a tan-colored rock substance in them believed to be heroin, according to a Boston Police report. After issuing Kelley his Miranda rights he allegedly said, "Listen I just drive him around while he deals. He hooks me up with lines and stuff." An officer asked who Kelley was referring to and Kelley allegedly said, "that guy there, the guy you stopped" referring to Momjian. Kelley allegedly said the drugs in the car belonged to Momjian.

Police seized a digital scale from Momjian after being issued his Miranda rights. Momjian also told police he was coming to the area to purchase drugs from someone in a white car - and then a white Acura sped off. 

While on scene, Kelley was asked if he were driving around in order to allow Momjian to conduct drug sales, to which he replied yes, and this was in front of more than one officer. Police also seized a plastic cigarette case that had four tan rocks in it believed to be heroin from Kelley. Momjian admitted to giving that "brown" or heroin to Kelley as payment for driving him around to sell drugs.

The vehicle was seized and towed due to its use to facilitate illegal drug transactions.


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