Dogs Rescued From South Street Fire Need Community's Help

After losing his home in the blaze, the Needham resident is struggling to pay veterinarian bills for his two animals.

Two dogs rescued from a house fire this week are being cared for at a local animal shelter—and with his home a possible total loss, their owner could use some help paying the pets’ vet bills.

Along with their owner, husky mixes Woden and Spirit made it safely out of their home at 1079 South St. on Wednesday, Sept. 19, after a fire broke out in the kitchen at around 2:30 p.m. while the homeowner was cooking. Needham Police and Fire departments were quickly on the scene, assisted by other neighboring towns, and firefighters managed to get the fire under control—but not before it tore through three floors and caused quite a bit of damage.

Needham Fire Deputy Chief Donald Anastasi estimated on Wednesday that the house was a “total loss.”

Needham Animal Control Officer Danielle Landry was at the scene that afternoon and helped the owner attend to his dogs while firefighters worked on the house.

“Woden and Spirit are two of the sweetest husky mixes. Both have amazing personalities, and throughout the whole stressful situation at the house and being among over a dozen strangers all over the property, both dogs remained calm and friendly the entire time,” Landry said.

She helped transport the pets to Highland Animal Hospital in Needham for evaluation.

“They are both doing well today and are recovering from the ordeal,” Landry said of the dogs. “Chest x-rays were done and both received a bath to get all the dirt from the smoke off of them—which can be dangerous if they start licking it.”

Because of the x-rays and other exams, the costs to treat the animals quickly mounted, and the bill is pretty overwhelming at this point for the owner, who just lost his home, Landry said.

While not able to solicit donations directly, as a town employee, Landry told Patch that donations would be accepted at the Highland Animal Hospital to help the owner cover costs of treatment.

Residents interested in helping Woden and Spirit can send donations care of “South Street Fire Dogs” to Highland Animal Hospital, 31 Wellesley Ave., Needham. Any amount could help.

Jill Eckert September 21, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Just called Highland Animal Hospital with the intention of paying the bill for these dogs. Turns out someone else beat me to it. I love our town...


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