Who Is Your Ideal Presidential Candidate?

This free, online quiz takes a close look at where you stand on a range of issues, then compares your views to candidates' positions.

Election day is quickly approaching. We watch commercials, listen to speeches and watch the news—but do we really know what candidate best matches our  positions?

A website launched earlier this year that claims their tool can match candidates to voters has quickly been gaining popularity through social media channels. According to iSideWith.com's homepage, more than three million people have taken the free quiz to determine their ideal candidate since it launched in March.

The quiz covers everything from social issues to foreign policy and answers can be fine tuned. You can choose general or more detailed responses, and a scale allows you to set the level of importance for each issue. Your responses are then analyzed to determine your ideal candidate, complete with a breakdown of your response matches.

Among the people who took the quiz in Massachusetts, 60 percent sided with President Barack Obama—more than any other candidate. Green Party candidate Jill Stein was the second highest match at 49 percent, and Libertarian Gary Johnson was not far behind, at a 44 percent match. Mitt Romney matched only 29 percent of the Massachusetts respondents.

Seems to be a pretty handy tool, but does it work? You tell us. Take the free quiz on iSideWith.com and let us know what you think. Is the candidate it matched you with the candidate you plan to vote for?


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