Use Me: A Letter from Needham Patch

Just a humble request from your local news website.

Dear Faithful Readers,

Each day you come to me, trusting that I will bring you the news and information you need to know about Needham and the events that impact your town.

And for that trust and faithfulness, I say thank you!

But now I come to you with a request — one that I believe will be mutually beneficial.

Use me. It's that simple.

My Events and Announcements sections become dusty, trickling riverbeds without you. But you can fix it. With your input, those sections transform from parched Internet landscapes to lush, vibrant locations where readers like you have posted news and announcements and added events to the public calendar.

We know you have things going on that you want Patch readers to know — you email those announcements and events to my editor, Becca Manning, all the time. And she is glad to help... when she can. The fact is, she stays busy attending all those meetings, posting stories and covering special events, and your events and announcements can get buried in her email inbox.

So instead of risking the email inbox, just post your information directly to Needham Patch. Skip the step of emailing Becca and get your info in front of readers.

There are a couple of steps:

1. You need a user name and password. Click "Sign up" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Fill in the blanks and then — this is important — check your email inbox for a verification email. Already a member? Great, just sign in.

2. Go to the Events or Announcements section of Needham Patch. "Events" is a menu heading, and "Announcements" can be found under the "News" menu heading.

3. Click the button "Add an Event/Announcement."

4. Fill in the blanks and click, "Post My Event/Announcement."

It really is that simple. In the time it takes you to email Becca, you can post your information directly to Needham Patch. No more waiting.

Of course, Becca is happy to help if you have questions, so don't hesitate to reach out.

I hope you can take advantage of all the tools I offer you when it comes to communicating with your neighbors and the larger Patch community. After all, I exist to make life ridiculously easy for you and your neighbors.


Needham Patch


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