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We know you have something to say, so join the conversation on Patch and share it!

About this time last year, Patch rolled out a new platform for members of the community to be heard. Now, we're making it even easier to get involved in Needham Patch's Local Voices.

How easy is it?

At Patch, we're devoted to finding ways to make your life as ridiculously easy as possible. So we've changed the way blogging works to make it easier for you to start blogging right away.

All you have to do to get started is visit our blogging page and click "Post on Patch." From there, let your typing fingers run rampant (but coherently, please) and when you're done writing and have saved your work, hit submit!

Why should I blog?

Patch is more than a news site. It is a free place to post upcoming events. It's an online conversation about the community. But to keep the conversation going, we need your voice.

You may be asking yourself, "What would I even write about?"

Well, the answer is, anything! A blog offers the opportunity to share your thoughts, concerns, advice, and tips, get your name out to the community, get info about your local group out to the community, and so much more.

My neighbors are blogging? What are they saying?

  • Needhamite Mitzi Weinman, an expert in time management and organization, shares tips we all can use on work-life balance, and ways to live happier, less stressful lives. 
  • Bill Paulson, a Needham resident and local Realtor, provides on real estate sales in Needham, Wellesley and Newton—including useful charts and graphs that show trends in home sales. He also occasionally writes about local events and programs, such as school events and youth sports. 
  • David Cohen, a Newton resident and owner of Davcoh Computer Services LLC, writes about computer and technology issues, such as the , decoding strange hard drive sounds, tips for choosing a television and more.
  • Evan Walsh, a Medfield resident and Realtor with William Raveis Real Estate in Wellesley, blogs about house and home topics and real estate, such as tips for or easy steps to .
  • Weymouth resident Kristen Alberino shares important information for local residents from the Social Security Administration, such as using online services, and accessing veteran benefits, among other topics.
  • And Newton resident Adam Shamus, a Realtor who specializes in sales to seniors, writes about real estate topics, in particular topics that relate to the .

Is blogging on Patch right for me?

Blogging on Patch is perfect for anyone who has ties to the community. More specifically, you may be perfect for blogging if you can answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Do you have a passion for everything local, from supporting downtown businesses to promoting community events?
  • Are you passionate about issues in Needham?
  • Are you a craftsman, artist, business owner or hobbyist who can share do-it-yourself tips?
  • Do you have strong opinions about local government or are the first one to stand up for what you think is right in our school system?
  • Can you just make us all laugh?

Even if you answered no to any of the above questions and you just want a platform to have your voice heard, Needham Patch's Local Voices platform is the place for you.

Ready to take the leap? Get started with blogging on Patch! Still want more information? E-mail becca.manning@patch.com.

Note: You write what you want to say when you want to say it. Do it on your schedule, whether that's posting multiple entries per day or a couple times a month. And Patch won't own what you post, so you can repost your entries to your other blogs.


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