Question of the Day: (Shark Week Special) Are You Afraid to Go in the Water?

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This Patch editor has been watching a lot of Discovery Channel this week, which means ... Shark Week! Now in its 34th season, the week-long TV event is full of documentaries and features on all things shark, from their diet, habits and endangered status to tales of shark bite survivors.

It being Friday, I thought for today's question we could have a little fun and relate back to some of the terrifying footage I've watched over the past week. Needham's Rosemary Lake is hardly the Atlantic Ocean, so your chances of running into a Great White are ... shall we say, limited. But the beach isn't far away and many Needhamites will spend at least a little time at the shore this summer. So tell me, Needham: Are you afraid to go in the water? Do you consider the possibility of a nearby shark or other creature when you take a swim? Do you stay out of open water out of a lingering sense of foreboding?

Or, if the prospect of running into Jaws doesn't bother you, tell me: What creature scares you? Got a bad case of arachnophobia? Does the very idea of seeing a snake send shivers down your spine? Are you thankful there's no such thing as Grizzly Bear Week?

Tell us in the comments below.

And I'd love to hear your own thoughts on Discovery Channel's Shark Week—what shows really made an impact? Do you tune in every year, or have you never even heard of this television tradition?

Question of the Day is a feature at Needham Patch that asks readers their views on a variety of topics each weekday. Have a question you'd like to see asked? Submit it to editor Becca Manning.


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