Letter: Kennedy Not 'Second Coming of Camelot'

This letter was submitted by a Needham resident.

It is mind boggling to see Joe Kennedy signs displayed on people's lawns. How can anyone justify voting for this ultra rookie? It is so arrogant of him to try to sell himself to the the public as a viable candidate to replace U.S. Rep. Barney Frank. He has absolutely NO experience. The only thing he has going for him, is his name.

Furthermore, how insulting to Barney Frank's legacy to say "newbie" Kennedy is a fit replacement. Like Barney Frank or not, no one can deny the impact of his long career. The reign of the Kennedys is over. Sean Bielat is the right guy for this job.

There is no comparison between Sean Bielat's qualifications and "wet behind the ears" Kennedy, who is a multi-millionaire, which he inherited from his family. Sean Bielat grew up in a middle class home and put himself through college with many school loans to show for it. In a recent debate, Kennedy had to admit he has NO school loans. How can Joe Kennedy relate to the regular folks in the Fourth District who do not live off their families' millions? 

Sean Bielat is a U.S. Marine, businessman, husband and father. He will be a great U.S. Rep., and will work hard for us because he is one of us. A vote for Joe Kennedy is a wasted vote. This is not a high school election where you just pick your friends or the most popular kids. Joe Kennedy is not the second coming of Camelot!

Marion Emslie
Cheney Street

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