Letter: Kennedy Is Qualified for the Job

This letter was submitted by a Needham resident.

A recent letter to the editor in the Needham Patch provided information about candidates Joe Kennedy III and Sean Bielat that was fundamentally incorrect. The assertion that Sean Bielat is more qualified for the Congressional seat is shockingly misleading.

Joe Kennedy III has dedicated himself, like many of his family members before him, to a career in public service and has experience with a variety of developmental models. In Joe’s early professional career, and subsequent to his graduation from Stanford, he worked for the United Nations Development Program, with the Millenium Development Secretariat—a UN commission dedicated to eradicating poverty. Later, in 2004, Joe was accepted and served with distinction for over two years with the U.S. Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. There, as an environmental management specialist, Joe’s hard work helped create a community-led ecotourism business that resulted in developmental and economic gains.

Similar to candidate Bielat, Joe possesses multiple degrees. Upon completing his work with the Peace Corps, Joe entered Harvard Law School where he served on the board of a student run pro bono law firm, assisting many individuals struggling with financial problems, impending foreclosures, etc. During the same period, Joe also founded a class at a Boston school dedicated to helping at risk youth. Upon graduating from Harvard Law School, Joe became an assistant District Attorney serving Middlesex County, and later Barnstable County.  

I have watched Bielat’s campaign employ a low-road strategy, extolling his own experiences, while at the same time demeaning Joe Kennedy III’s qualifications for office. This claim is simply not justified. Anyone who believes that Joe is not as qualified for office than Bielat is simply not paying attention to this race.  Let’s make this election about facts and not unsubstantiated attacks on the other candidate’s character.

Natalie Woodward
Former Country Director, U.S. Peace Corps (Dominican Republic)
Highland Avenue

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