Election Letter: Vote for DiCicco for Park and Recreation Commission

This letter was submitted by a Needham resident.


I want to share my perspective about Dave DiCicco, who is campaigning to be elected to the Park and Recreation Commission. When I think of Dave I think of humble. I looked humble up in the dictionary to see the true meaning of the word. The definition had me reflecting on the meanings of the characteristics of humble. This is what I came up with.

HUMBLE:  marked by meekness in behavior, attitude and spirit, not arrogant or prideful.

MEEKNESS:  gentleness, modesty, mildness

BEHAVIOR:  performance, actions, deeds, activities, manner, conduct

ATTITUDE:  approach, outlook, point of view, way of thinking and behaving

SPIRIT:  moral fiber, heart, strength, courage, character, guts

These qualities are only the start to begin to describe Dave DiCicco. He brings tremendous experience to this race as well. His love and passion for children and families is what has driven his community service.

Dave is and has been involved in so many town activities, organizations, sports organizations, civic groups and boards, that it is too hard to list them all. Dave currently holds the position of Trustee to Memorial Park, serving as chairman for three of those years; he was elected in 2005 and has served ever since. 

His contributions to the town have included the “Field Light-Use” policy for Memorial and DeFazio parks, serving as committee co-chairmain of the “Wall that Heals," the traveling Vietnam War Memorial that came to town in October 2008. Receiving the Newton/Needham Chamber of Commerce Community Leadership Award, 2008, and is currently appointed to and serving on the Greene’s Field Committee. 

Dave’s youth sports involvement includes chairing, coaching and a member of the committees in Needham Youth Football, Little League/Babe Ruth Baseball, Girls Youth Softball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Needham Touchdown Club, Needham Sports Council, Field Study Committee and Needham Fields of Dreams Committee to mention a few.

I hope you see that these are just a few words to describe a man who is committed to serving our community and desires to continue his community service to be elected to the Park and Recreation Commission.

Dave has had a tremendous, positive impact in the town of Needham.  I wholeheartedly ask you to vote for Dave DiCicco for Park and Recreation Commission. 

Trish Wright
Great Plain Avenue


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