A Change of Leadership at Needham Patch

Local Editor Becca Manning is handing over the reins to a new editor.

With falling leaves changing over to falling snowflakes last night, it seems a good time to announce a few changes here at Needham Patch—a changing of the seasons, if you will.

Your Needham Patch Local Editor Becca Manning (me) is leaving the great town of Needham to take over as local editor of Charlestown Patch. I recently moved into the city, and this new location is a better fit for me, though I am sorry to say goodbye to Needham.

Before I officially go, I wanted to thank the readers in Needham—the parents, students, town employees, local officials, longtime residents and those who are just now finding Needham, or just now finding Needham Patch—for making me feel welcome and accepted over the nearly two years I've been your editor.

I don't have to tell you all that Needham is a fantastic place to live and work; your sense of community and volunteerism is among the strongest of anyplace I've been. You care about each other, and about your town, and it shows in the stories on Needham Patch, whether it's an article about a selectmen's meeting, a photo gallery from a downtown event or the dozens of announcements posted on the site every week.

I came onboard in Needham's 300th year and got to celebrate that huge milestone with you. I weathered two hurricanes with you (well, one hurricane and one tropical storm), as well as a Halloween snowstorm and two earthquakes.

I watched the new senior center receive town approval and the beginnings of that building rise from the ground.

I have been impressed as over and over again Needham residents gave of their time, their money and more for a myriad of causes both local and beyond.

It has been both fun and challenging at times being your local editor, and I thank every one of you for being a part of Needham Patch—your voices, your comments, your photos and your feedback all make this site a thriving online community, a true reflection of the phsyical Needham community. 

I hope you continue to participate on Needham Patch. Grahame Turner, who has been the Brookline Patch local editor, will be taking over for me as your new local editor, and I'm sure the site will continue to flourish in his capable hands. Please send him your news tips, press releases, comments, questions and otherwise, and help him discover Needham and keep Needham Patch the great local resource that it is. Grahame can be reached at grahame.turner@patch.com.

And if you have any tips on Charlestown, or just want to say hello, I can still be reached at becca.manning@patch.com.

Thanks again, and I'll see you around!

Becca Manning
Needham Patch Local Editor

Gloria Greis November 09, 2012 at 06:50 PM
All the best in Charlestown, Becca! We are happy for your new opportunity, but we''ll miss you here - you were a pleasure to work with. Gloria
Carol de Lemos November 10, 2012 at 02:14 PM
Becca - You were a fantastic editor! We will miss you but wish you well in your new position in Charlestown. Caroi de Lemos
Catherine Kurkjian November 11, 2012 at 01:11 AM
Congratulations to you, Becca! Charlestown is very fortunate to have you as their new editor. You can always be depended upon to provide an unbiased presentation of the news; which is so important, but what really makes the difference is your ability to capture the essence of the human spirit. I send my sincerest appreciation to you for your kindness, compassion, and dedication to the people of Needham. You have added a special touch to our community that will certainly be missed. I wish you all the best with your new venture in Charlestown and I do hope to see you around! Take care, Cathy


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