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The Real Secret Service: This is unbelievable! Is this legal? Why isn’t everyone doing this? Sign me up! I used a service like this when I lived in LA, and it was great. Very civilized.

In an earlier post we promised to keep our readers apprised of our insights into what life in a small business start-up is really like. The good and the bad, including obstacles and frustrations which we’re working to overcome. Here’s an additional installment towards that.

Lets face it. Life is tough. Perhaps you have kids. You have work. You have meetings, errands and your to do list never seems to end. Dinner for the most part has become an exercise in rapid dialing to your favorite pizza, Chinese, Indian or health food spot.

The same goes for your dry cleaning. Not only does your favorite dry cleaner like Anton’s or Zoots drop off your freshly cleaned and perfectly pressed shirts but they will pick up the next round at the same time is well.  Peapod and Roche Bros both offer grocery delivery services. Although it took time for each of these to gain traction, they’re now starting to be a sustaining alternative to the weekly store trek for many suburban households. When considering such a service, your decisions are based on who delivers what and how quickly they can arrive, how much time can I save, and how much does it cost? After all, eeking out the “me” time is something that we are all searching for and willing to pay for. More and more, we are looking for services that can ease our daily routines a bit more.

Learn to relax

What we are finding interesting about the above services was the learning curve. In 1965, when Domino’s Pizza delivery burst onto the scene people went nuts. “You mean you can deliver a pizza to me in less than 30 minutes?” Still, with the level of excitement that people felt about pizza delivery, the act of people picking up the phone and ordering pizza delivery was a change in habits. In fact, it was a complete change in time management. The simple education of the masses to pizza delivery not only increased the products desirability, but changed how people live. Delivery is now a part of life and as we move more and more into becoming a service oriented society, the more products people will expect to be delivered to their homes. It’s our plan at MetroWestWines.com to join that list of services.

The Real Secret Service:

This is unbelievable! Is this legal? Why isn’t everyone doing this? Sign me up! I used a service like this when I lived in LA, and it was great. Very civilized.


Enter rapid wine, beer and liquor delivery. In the Boston suburbs, alcohol delivery is a completely alien concept. People often ask, “You mean, I can now call or order online and you’ll deliver beer to my house in the same time it takes a pizza to be delivered?” Again, initial reactions have been: WOW! Great! This is awesome!
But as we have found, it is not enough to just provide a great service. Mindsets need to be changed. Awareness must be in the forefront of our customer’s decision making process. Habits need to be adapted. This is our main focus now -- and our main obstacle.


Glad you're back

When we poll our regular customers (for whom we are profoundly grateful!) why they’re back, the most common responses are “I have way too much going on -- you guys are a lifesaver.” or, “I’ve been ordering from you when I’ve already had a drink or two. Delivery is cheaper than a potential DUI.” and the most frequent comment is. “We’re having friends over and right now, I can’t leave the kids here alone.” All of these hit the nail on the head. We have realized that MetroWestWines.com is not just providing “alcohol.” We, like Domino’s, Anton’s or Roche Bros are providing a “service.” A service which we hope will be fully embraced by each and every one of you. So, when things are hectic and time is short, or you happen to just be a little lazy, think of us. In the end MetoWestWines.com delivers.

Finally, as our business story unfurls, we will continue to keep you in the loop.  And, as always, we appreciate your comments and questions.

Thanks, see you next week.

Metro West Wines

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Fred McIntyre February 01, 2013 at 11:58 PM
One more thought - all this weekend use the promo code "superbowl" at check out and the minimum order size is waived! If you want just a 6 pack, you can have just a 6 pack delivered!


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