Where To Take Your Tree in Needham

If you're looking at your holiday-decorated home, and wondering what to do next, here's what we have.

The holiday season is drawing to a close, and it's time to start thinking about cleaning up. Here's a handy guide for disposal of your trees, wrapping paper and more. 

A current RTS disposal sticker must be on the vehicle in order to enter the RTS facility. Stickers may be purchased at the treasurer’s office in Town Hall.

Paper Recycling

All non-foil wrapping paper and gift boxes (made of paperboard similar to cereal boxes) are recyclable and should be placed in the Paper Recycling Containers.

Corrugated Cardboard

Recycling Corrugated cardboard, which generally has a waffle-like structure to it, should be flattened and placed in the corrugated cardboard recycling containers.

Yellow Trash Bag

Foil wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, packaging peanuts, Styrofoam and other cushioning materials cannot be recycled. Place these materials in the trash containers using yellow pay-per-throw trash bags.

Yard Waste

Recycling Christmas trees, wreaths, plants, etc., without ornaments and decorations should be taken to the Yard Waste Recycling Area. For the safety of the personnel chipping Christmas trees, please remove all wires, cables, hooks, ornaments, nails and stands from the tree before discarding. Please do not discard these yard waste items in or adjacent to the trash bins.

For more information, call the RTS at 781-455-7568 or the DPW Office at 781-455-7534.

Carter Church Christmas Tree Pickup

Carter Memorial United Methodist Church offers a Christmas tree pickup program for Needham residents. Go online to the church Web site, www.carterumc.org, to sign up for a date (they are collecting trees on Jan. 7, 14 and 21). For their service, the church requests a small donation that can be made online via PayPal or mailed to the church at: Carter Memorial UMC, 800 Highland Ave., Needham, MA 02494. (Note: "Missions" or "Trees" on the check.)


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