Needham Commuter Rail Line On Time 96% of Time in June

How would you rate the on-time performance of the Needham Commuter Rail line?

The Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail Company said the Needham line had a 96.9 percent contractual on-time performance rate in June.

The MBCR said it has a contractually stipulated required goal of 95 percent.

The MBCR said in a press release that "accounting for factors within MBCR's control the Needham line has exceeded its contractual OTP (on-time performance) goal of 95 percent in every month in 2012."

For the year, the Needham line has been on time 96.8 percent of the time and reached its highest rate of 98.2 percent in February. 

How would you rate the commuter rail's timeliness of meeting its stated schedule?

Jason July 17, 2012 at 07:53 PM
My train is later than the stated scheduled time in each direction every day. I travel the full length of the line from Needham Heights to South Station as part of my daily commute. I have been riding the entire length of the line since November 2011 and I cannot recall ONE day when either the 7:30am inbound or the 5:20 outbound arrived at the scheduled time or earlier. If "on-time" means within 10 minutes then it's a loose interpretation of what on-time means at best.


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