Kid-Friendly Fun: Two Ways to Keep Them Busy

Take advantage of time with your kids and get out and enjoy these hot spots. Your Patch Passport gives you options for great local spots for kid-friendly fun.

Whether school's out for the summer or you need to fill a few hours on the weekend, there are a lot of fun, kid-friendly places in Needham that you and your children will enjoy, such as the  and .

Needham Free Public Library

Everyone knows the Needham Library has something
for everyone when it comes to books. Whether you like mysteries, romance or biographies of historical figures, the library has it. But did you know they also offer a variety of activities for children, most of which are, as the name of Needham’s library implies, free?

Each month, children’s librarian Elaine Garnache runs a number of storytime programs for young children. Some are for kids ages 5 and under, while others are geared specifically toward ages 3-6. Drop-in storytimes don’t require registration, which is great for parents as sometimes it can be difficult to plan far ahead with young children. Needham Library's storytimes are pretty popular, too, typically drawing more than 60 kids.

Another fun activity the library offers for kids is crafts. Usually offered one to two times per week, usually there is a theme to the crafts that the kids work on each session. Sing-a-longs are also offered at times.

One last fun activity for kids (and really the whole family) is the offering of Toddler Movies in the community room. This summer, the library has been featuring sequels to Disney movies, including "Tarzan II" and "Lion King II: Simba’s Pride."

Find more information about these offerings and other special programs in the library's monthly newsletter, available in the lobby or online. The Needham Free Public Library is located at 1139 Highland Ave. The phone number is 781-455-7559.

The Kid's Place

Another terrific place to take your children to have a good time is The Kid's Place, a drop-in craft studio that has been in business since 2001.

The Kid's Place is a fun spot for children of all ages. They offer kids the opportunity to paint plaster molds or ceramics, make tie dye T-shirts, do mosaics and participate in other cool activities as well. The ceramics are all dishwasher- and microwave-safe too, so you and your children can make yourselves new dishes and mugs to eat and drink from at home. Also, there are so many different activities available at the same time under one roof, it allows you to bring all your kids to the same place at once and keep them all happy.

One of the most popular activities, according to owner Samara Lamm, is mining for gems. Children can go into “The Cave,” where they are able to sift through sand to find various types of stones and gems as if they are actually out mining for gold. This activity is available for just $6.99, and kids can paint a treasure box to keep their gems in for between $6.99 and $9.99.

The plaster projects are mostly decorative pieces that kids can paint. Those are ready in minutes, while the ceramics have to be fired in a kiln and take three to four days to be ready. There are also snacks offered, with slush, popcorn and cotton candy available for everyone. Birthday parties are offered for kids ages 3 and up, and can be designed around whichever activity your child wants.

Check out The Kid's Place, located at 33 Highland Ave. They can be reached at 781-444-23-25, or visit their Web site, kidsplace4fun.com.


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