Dancing with Aly Raisman this Season?

Needham Olympian could be "Dancing with the Stars" in the upcoming season of the ABC show, BostInno and TMZ report.


[Update: The casting has been confirmed, and Aly Raisman will join the 2013 cast of the show. More information on the follow-up story. 9:36 a.m.]

Could Needham's own gold medalist be heading to ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

The ABC dancing contest will announce its line-up of celebrities and stars during "Good Morning America" today. According to TMZ's sources, the Needham Olympian could be on the hit ABC dancing show. The Hollywood gossip site adds

Not that TMZ condones gambling, but put $20 down on Raisman -- three former Olympians have won the show in the past. You're welcome.

ABC will announce the cast of the upcoming season Tuesday, a network representative told BostInno. While she hasn't tweeted anything about it, it would be her second appearance on the dancing contest.

If you can't wait to watch her, however, she does have a "Flippin' Awesome" running web series on AwesomenessTV.

After picking up a gold medal in gymnastics, Needham gave the 18-year-old Olympic team captain a welcome home worthy of an Olympian after the London 2012 games, complete with parade and the Aly Rally. She is using her celebrity for a cause, as well, by letting kids know it's OK to say 'no' to booze. 

Other recent honors for the local Olympian include dropping the puck before a Bruins game, the AHRC NYC's Thurman Munson Dinner, being named . Not to mention the MBTA's Aly Raisman Banner on the Needham line. 


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