Should Alcohol Be Sold In Needham?

Voters will decide on Nov. 6, but what do you think now?

On Nov. 6, Needham voters will decide whether to lift the town's status as a mostly dry town—a position the community has maintained, more or less, since before the days of Prohibition.

The question on Needham's Nov. 6 special election ballot asks:

Shall the licensing authority in the town of Needham be authorized to grant licenses for both the sale of all alcoholic beverages in packages not to be drunk on the premises and the sale of wine and malt beverages in packages not to be drunk on the premises?

Voters will decide: Yes or no.

If the ballot question passes, Needham selectmen would have authorization to issue up to six licenses for the retail sale of beer, wine and liquor in town. After 2018, the board could issue up to eight licenses, with the final two limited to wine and malt beverages.

Currently, alcohol can be served with dinner at Needham restaurants with more than 100 seats, and wine and beer can be sold in smaller restaurants. The ballot question asks whether residents should be able to buy alcohol in town to bring home for consumption.

Needham residents have weighed many of the pros and cons of the change since the topic first came before selectmen just over one year ago.

So what do you think? Should Needham stores be able to sell wine, beer and liquor? Why would it be good for Needham, or why would it be bad?

Share your thoughts leading up to the Nov. 6 vote in the comments section below.

Maria the Potato October 16, 2012 at 12:30 PM
I cannot believe that there is really a place in the Western world that is so backward when it comes to alcohol consumption. What about freedom of choice?


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