Shop Needham: 5 Gift Ideas For Men

Here are some items you can buy right here in Needham.

We continue with of last-minute, local gift ideas, today focusing on the men in your life—your husband, boyfriend, father, grandfather, son or other guy who deserves something special this holiday season.

1. TAG pens are available at for $24.95 each. They come in several different colors and each one comes in a gift box. They’re available in ballpoint or rollerball and are refillable.

2. Garrett Graham, the owner of , said that one of the best gifts he sees women buy for their husbands every year is snowblowers. Snowblowers have a wide range in pricing depending on the model, but they start around $360. Graham said that they make a great gift because if you've ever watched your guy shoveling after a big storm, you realize just how difficult it is to move all that snow. A snowblower makes it a lot easier.

3. Needham Garden Center & Power Equipment also has Atlas gloves for men, which cost $22.99. They are waterproof and insulated, so they’re great for when the man in your life is shoveling or snowblowing. 

4. Spa treatments aren't just for ladies. In fact, at , they offer a special package just for the fellas. The Time For Him package includes one hour of deep tissue massage and a spa manicure and pedicure for $155. What better way to thank your husband for all his work clearing snow off the driveway than with a relaxing massage and therapy for those winter-worn hands and feet? Or make it a date and go for the Gentleman and Lady's Quarterly package, at $200 per person, which includes a one-hour sports massage, facial, manicure and pedicure for both of you.

5. Not sure exactly what he'll want? How about a gift certificate to one of Needham's shops or restaurants? He's sure to find something he needs at , or give him a meal at his favorite local eatery—maybe , , or another of Needham's many great places.

Got another great gift idea for men that you can buy here in Needham? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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