Isis Parenting CEO’s Message on Closing

By John Waller

Isis Parenting CEO Heather Coughlin sent out the following message, via email, to her customers.

Isis, the baby store known for its childbirth and new-mom classes,has announced that it’s closing all of its locations, including the one at 110 Second Ave., Needham.

Dear Friend of Isis:

It is with deep regret and sadness that I craft this letter. Ten years ago this May I walked through the doors of Isis' original Brookline, Massachusetts location for the first time. I was expecting my first child and was immediately put at ease by the staff and classes I completed. I had no idea at the time how valuable a resource Isis would become for me personally over the next few years, and I could never have imagined the impact it would have on me professionally as its leader.

Isis Parenting is sorry to announce we will soon close our doors and, effective immediately, we will no longer be able to conduct classes or consults. That said, as we continue to sell the remainder of our trusted products over the coming days, we invite you to stop in - for drop-in playgroups, and most importantly to say goodbye to a gathering place that has meant so much to so many.

You can imagine that our team is taking this very hard and relaying this news to them today was not easy. We are an organization made up of passionate educators and professionals who care deeply about our mission and live out our core values each and every day. Their passion and vision have fueled me over the last few years and are what gave me the confidence as a leader to fight so hard for our survival. Put simply, I ask for your compassion and support as we all digest this news, together.

Please know that we are committed to making every effort to manage through this process with professionalism and respect for what you have lost as well. A separate communication will be sent to all currently enrolled class participants with more details. We thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this incredibly difficult process with a skeleton crew left on the team.

We know that for you, our loyal clients, Isis is not just another business closing its doors. We have built a community of tens of thousands of loyal followers and a brand known nationally as a leader in prenatal and early parenting education and support. Despite my disappointment, I am proud of the vision initiated by our founders and the hard work that has built on their ideas over the years. Isis will be sorely missed by all who received support in our classrooms, on the sales floor and on Facebook, Twitter and via our webinars in over 100 countries. In many ways Isis was ahead of its time.

Questions about classes can be submitted via email to clientcare@isisparenting.zendesk.com and FAQs have been developed and posted to our support at https://isisparenting.zendesk.com.

Thank you for believing in Isis and supporting us in our mission.

In Isis Love,
Heather M. Coughlin
Isis Parenting, Inc.
marcie and me January 16, 2014 at 11:37 AM
Many of you have shared the sad news of Isis closing with me today. Please let your Isis friends know that I will try to accommodate families who are looking for exceptional kids programming here at Marcie and Me. http://marcieandme.com. I am also willing to expand our current schedule and programming as needed beginning in our new session starting Feb 3rd. Under our new venture Connected Kids and Families we will be offering parents the opportunity to connect and be supported in numerous ways. http://www.connectedkidsandfamilies.com.
PetiteProf January 16, 2014 at 05:42 PM
A former Isis instructor is offering classes at AfterIsis.com


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