Needham Pilates Instructor to Compete in 'Survivor'


CBS has released the names of the newest series' cast members, and Needham mom Trish Hegarty is on it.

This season, the show’s participants will be split up based on their qualities of brains, beauty and brawn. Hegarty, 48, falls under the brawn category, as she is a pilates instructor. She also owns her a pilates studio, Barre None Pilates.

“I love to exercise, I love to teach, so it was just the perfect combination,” she said in the promotional video on cbs.com.

In her bio, Hegarty said she enjoys figure skating, writing and swimming. She also grew up in a family of hockey players and often was the goalie. She believe she is most like contestant Danni Boatwright.

“She played a true and honest game,” she said. “She crushed the challenges and her social skills were top notch.” She is hoping these traits are what will make her the last contestant standing.

Her pet peeves are liars, laziness, manipulators and arrogance.

Hegarty has been a fan of the show since the first season, and has wanted to be a part of it ever since its inception.

“I just knew I could win this, and I could get the money and I could get where I need to be.” I just tell myself over and over again, ‘I’m tenacious, I’m strong, I’m willful, I’m determined, I will do this, I will win,’” Hegarty said.

Hegarty said that she knows she will not always keep her integrity in check and is not doing this to make friends.

“I like to take care of people, I like to make sure everybody’s okay, and I can’t do that here.”

Hegarty’s pilates studio, Barre None Pilates, is located at 285 Chestnut St., Needham.

“Survivor” will air Wednesdays, starting Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. 


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