TELL US: Where are Music-Rich Christmas & Christmas Eve Church Services in Needham?

Even for non-regular churchgoers, Christmas and Christmas Eve services can be an inspiring time to hear wonderful music. But where?


Since my own faith tradition doesn't usually include a Christmas Eve church service, I'm often like non-churchgoers in having to do the footwork to seek out inspiring — and music-filled — church services for the Christmas holiday.

But it takes a fair amount of work to gather information: early evening services? Late-night ones? How much music is incorporated into the service? If I've got other activities planned for the evening, how long will the service last? Does it cost me or will the plate be passed for a donation?

So this year, I'm asking you: where are the church services that go the extra mile to create a festive (or, alternatively, quiet and peaceful) Christmas Eve/Christmas service?

Please put your suggestions in the comments box below. If an event or announcement has already been posted on Needham Patch about the service you're recommending, feel free to include the URL so people can click on the link and get all the information they need in order to attend.


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