Library Foundation of Needham Provides Endowment Support

The Library Foundation of Needham met recently to welcome new and returning Board members.  The members of the Board for 2013-2014 are Lisa Arm, President, Adrienne Smith, Treasurer, Steve Coren, Clerk, Jeanne Carey, Past President, Alison Borrelli, Earl Adreani, Megan Bourque, Kathy D’Addesio, Jan Drake, Craig Geddes, Phil Murray, Char Sidell, Susan Spence, and Melinda Young. 

The Library Foundation of Needham was established in 2003 by the Needham Free Public Library’s Board of Library Trustees to build an endowment for the benefit of the library.  Several Gala events and Donor Recognition programs have succeeded in raising our first $1,000,000.  Thank you Needham for your generous support of the endowment for the Needham Free Public Library!  Your support has enabled us to provide over 100 entertaining programs for families and a generous amount of evening lectures for adults. 

The glass balustrade surrounding the main stairwell has been updated with recent donor names through 2013.  All inscriptions from the damaged panel have been replaced.  Stop by and look for your name if you have donated a balustrade inscription.  For more information about the Library Foundation and the upcoming programs we have sponsored, visit our website:  www.lfnonline.org   

Photo caption   The Library Foundation of Needham board meets monthly at the Needham Free Public Library. Board members for 2013-2014 are: back row: Earl Adreani, Alison Borrelli, Kathy D’Addesio, Melinda Young, Steve Coren, Megan Bourque, front row: Adrienne Smith, Phil Murray, Lisa Arm, Jeanne Carey, Susan Spence, Jan Drake, absent: Craig Geddes, Char Sidell.


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