Frosted “Treats” to Benefit Charity Water

Needham, Ma- Treat Cupcake Bar has presented their February  “Treat Others Well" (TOW) cupcake with 50% of the proceeds being donated to Charity: Water, which is a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Working in conjunction with the non-profit’s Boston College chapter, Treat Cupcake Bar hopes to raise awareness about the 800 million people living without life’s most basic need. According to Charity: Water’s website, about one in three people who live without clean drinking water also survive on less than $1 a day. That’s not a coincidence.” Using 100% of public donations to fund clean water projects in areas where the need is greatest, Charity: Water works with organizations in the field to build and implement water systems across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

“College students are awesome to work with! They have amazing energy and such passion. I am excited to be working with the BC chapter of Charity: Water this month to design a special ‘Treat Others Well’ cupcake.” Adie- Head Baker

TOW is a unique program designed to show support for youth wanting to make a difference in the Needham and Greater Boston communities, which can, in cases like Charity: Water, resonate globally. TOW creates a platform to speak out about various concerns while simultaneously assisting deserving charities in their efforts to better their services. The program is intended to be kid-run, meaning all requests are encouraged to come from youth. TOW supports a different charity each month.

Applications, which are available on the Treat Cupcake Bar website, are accepted on a rolling basis. Each month head baker, Adie Sprague, works with an individual to design a unique cupcake that will be sold throughout the month with 50% of the proceeds going directly to the applicant’s cause. Proceeds may go to an event, charity group, or ongoing cause.

Past Treat Others Well recipients include the One Fund, Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and the Needham Education Foundation.


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